Community Outreach Projects


Please choose from 1 of the choices below to join as the field trip that was postponed:

1. Mae Rim Karen Village
Location: Karen village in
Activities: Small dam building, games for the village kids and river side cleanup
Dates: TBA – Feb/March (will be an overnight trip)
Cost: NONE

2. Khun Tan National Park
Location: Cabins on Khun Tan Mountain
Activities: Hiking, group games, site renovation
Dates: 7th and 8th March (will be an overnight trip)
Cost: NONE

3. Mae Sot Education Program
Location: Mae Sot Community College
Activities: Student exchange, group activities
Dates: 21st and 22nd February (will be an overnight trip)
Cost: NONE

You can register on the sign-up sheets on the IBM notice board (PC315)

Registration deadline: Friday 6th February

I will provide more detail in classes next week