The rapid globalization of world economies and the business world has created a tremendous need for international business leaders. The International Business Management (IBM) program addresses the global need for well-trained business professionals by offering students a complete course of study in a wide range of business disciplines with an international perspective in today’s diverse learning environment.

You will learn

  • business concepts within the context of a globalized, multi-cultural business environment
  • the principles of business ethics and social responsibility in decision making
  • the global economy, international business systems, and the upcoming ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) impact on international business management
  • knowledge of business research to be able to make business decisions in the international business context
  • effective business communication skills and to apply these skills in multi-cultural environments, while developing cross-cultural relationships and networks that extend beyond the academic environment.

Graduates will have

  • the skills to pursue a successful career in the business world
  • the knowledge and capability to adapt in a challenging, multi-cultural business environment
  • critical thinking, creative and innovative skills to make business decisions
  • strong communication and human relation skills at national and international level

Professions/Careers after Graduation

  • SME Owner
  • International Sales
  • International Marketing
  • Advertising and Branding
  • Human Resource Management
  • Business Entrepreneurs
  • Research Assistant
  • Banking or Finance
  • Import and Export