IBM Course Descriptions and Syllabi

Business Core Courses:  Students are required to take 33 credits from the following courses.           


IBM 111 Financial Accounting                                                                3 (3-0-6) credits

Terminology, objectives and importance of accounting. Utilization of accounting information, preparation of accounts, knowledge of the principles, preperation of financial statements and ethical practices.


AC 319 Managerial Accounting                                                                3 (3-0-6) credits

(Prerequisite: MG 109 and AC 111 OR IBM 111)

Objectives and scope of cost and managerial accounting, contribution margin, variable and fixed cost behavior analysis. The use of cost accounting data for decisions and prepare for budgeting statement and transfer pricing.


BA 200 Business Statistics                                                                          3 (3-0-6) credits

(Prerequisite: IIT 100 or Placement Test)

Statistics for business decisions, probability analysis, application in business, statistical estimation, hypothesis testing, parameters, variance analysis, simple regression, correlation and data analysis.


BA 201 PRODUCTION AND OPERATION MANAGEMENT                  3 (3-0-6) credits

(Prerequisite: MG 109)

Planning, implementation and control of products and services. Product design and implementation process. Technology related to operations and production. Quality management, project management, forecasting, inventory management, capacity planning, resource requirements, and supply chain management.

EC 101 Principles of Microeconomics                                              3 (3-0-6) credits

The economic theory, value of pricing and allocation of resources, consumer behavior and the factors that determine demand and supply of goods. Price setting and factors of production in a competitive market with perfect competition and imperfect competition.


EC102 Principles of Macroeconomics                                               3 (3-0-6) credits

(Prerequisite: EC 101)

Principles of economic and national income,  behavioral  consumption, savings and investment, the role of government, theory of money and banking, fiscal policy, inflation and deflation, employment and unemployment, international trade and finance, and economic development.


FN 209 Business Finance                                                                                  3 (3-0-6) credits

(Prerequisite: AC 111 OR IBM 111)

Financial goals, financial functions, financial statement analysis, planning, forecasting, working capital, budgeting, capital resources, cost of capital, and dividend policy.


LA102 Business Law                                                                              3 (3-0-6) credits

Laws related to business and the operation of business activities. Purchasing mortgage loans, secured transaction law, Thai property law, financial pledges, equity stock and bond debt and bills of exchange.


MG 109 Organization and Management                                         3 (3-0-6) credits

Basic concepts of business, business functions, business environment, types of organizations, principles of management, management functions, planning, organizing, directing and controlling. The management code of ethics.


MG 409 STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT                                            3 (3-0-6) credits

(Prerequisite: MK 109, BA 201 and FN 209)

Concept of strategic management analysis, opportunities and threats arising from changing environments, competitor analysis, analysis of business strengths and weaknesses, formulate strategies with managerial tools and implementation and assessment of strategies.

MK 109 Principles of Marketing                                                  3 (3-0-6) credits

Basic concepts and functions of marketing. Marketing environment, marketing information systems, marketing research, consumer behavior, market segmentation, target market, product positioning, produc management, pricing, distribution channels, integrated marketing communication, social marketing, and ethics for marketers.


Major Required Courses Students are required to take 39 credits from the following courses:


FN 375 International Finance                                                      3(3-0-6) credits

(Prerequisite: EC 102)

Concepts of international financial management, Financial systems in international financial management, balance of payments, foreign exchange market, purchasing power parity (PPP), forecasting markets, management of foreign exchange risk, working capital, investment, and international finance institutions.


HM 211 Organizational Behavior                                                  3(3-0-6) credits

(Prerequisite: MG 109)

Theories on organizational behavior, human behavior in organizations, analysis of individual differences, perception, learning, personality, values, attitudes and motivation in the workplace. Interaction of individuals in the group, conflict management, leadership, power of networking, organizational structure, culture, change management and interaction between organizations.


IBM 318 International Human resource Management          3(3-0-6) credits

(Prerequisite: MG 109)

Principles of international human resource management. Factors involved in the decisions that affect the management of human resources in international level. Policy and human resource management functions in international level. The cultural dimension of human resource management. International human resource management trends.


Principles of communication in the workplace. Introduces format for memorandums, letters, and reports. Writing skills to gain greater mastery of grammar, mechanics, and style. Techniques for writing informational, persuasive, sales, employment, good news, and bad news messages. Other topics include using the appropriate strategy for internal and external communication, audience analysis, and communication through technology, including e-mail, video-conferencing, and presentations.


IBM 344 ENTREPRENEURSHIP                                                  3(3-0-6) credits

(Prerequisite MK 109 and FN 209)

General management principles for creating, establishing and maintaining small to medium businesses. Characteristics and roles of the entrepreneur. Entrepreneurial and innovative approaches and processes as applied to start-up businesses, existing businesses, and business planning.


(Prerequisite : MG 312 and MG 409)

 Analyze and discuss international business topics.  Emphasis on strategic analysis by applying theoretical concepts of international business for problem solving and decision making.


MG 312 International Business Management                              3(3-0-6) credits

(Prerequisite: MG 109)

Theory and philosophy of international business management, international trade, investment, business environment, entry modes, study of how to effectively implement business fuctions in the international arena: marketing, finance, human resources, and supply chain management. Roles international corperations, government agencies and private organizations and their part in international operations.



(Prerequisite: IIT 100 or Placement Test)

Quantitative models, linear programming, network analysis, queing, game theory, simulation models, decision-making processes, and qualitative techniques used to make decisions and solve business problems.


MG321 Business Research                                                                   3(3-0-6) credits

(Prerequisite: MG 109 and BA 200)

Fundamentals of business research, use of business research to make managerial decisions. Students will learn when business research is needed, research proposal, methodologies, planning, design, data collection, processing, analysis, report writing, and ethical conduct for research.


MG322 Import and Export Management                      3(3-0-6) credits

(Prerequisite: MG 312)

Trends and methods of import and exports, preparations, channels to reach target markets, terms of  sale and the process of importing and exporting.



(Prerequisite: MG 109)

The scope of logistics and supply chain management, material management procedures, finished goods, service order management, management of goods and services and transportation of goods.


MG 421 MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS             3 (3-0-6) credits

(Prerequisite: MG 109)

Concepts related to information technology, development of information systems, database management, information systems for decision support, and the ethical use of information technology.


MK 328 International Marketing                                                     3(3-0-6) credits

(Prerequisite: MK 109)

The importance of international markets, external environmental factors affecting international marketing, economic cooperation between countries, marketing research and international marketing strategies.


Major Electives Courses; Students are required to take at least 15 credits in major elective courses.

IBM 337 BRAND MANAGEMENT                                                    3(3-0-6) credits

(Prerequisite: MK 109)

Concept of brand management, brand building, brand equity, awareness, perceptions, communication, and integrated marketing tools used to communicate the brand to target markets.


IBM 338 CHANGE MANAGEMENT                                                  3(3-0-6) credits

(Prerequisite: MG 109)

Conceptual frameworks of organizational development and change. Dynamics of change, implementation considerations, and understanding and managing resistance to change. The application of theory and developing tools to navigate change in the business environment.



(Prerequisite: MG 312)

Interdisciplinary introduction to the various societies and cultures of Asia and the Pacific Rim; focusing on the general theme of unity within multi-cultural environments. Links between mainstream Asian/Pacific Rim religions, societies, cultures, beliefs, value systems and systems of government as they impact Asian/Pacific Rim business practices. Analysis of specific management philosophies and influences on the region.


IBM430 Current Issues in IBM: Business Ethics         3(3-0-6) credits

(Prerequisite: MG 312)

Current business issues affecting both domestic and international businesses. Analysis of in-class lectures, discussions, and case studies to understand current business issues affecting the organization and management of international businesses.


IBM 432 BUSINESS PLAN WRITING                                                                                                   3(3-0-6) credits

(Prerequisite: MK 109 and FN 209)

In-depth study of the business plan.  Includes detailed procedures and discussions on its importance in today’s business environment. Apply knowledge related to both theory and actual business practices. Produce and present a business plan for a start-up business.



(Prerequisite: MG 109 and MG 312)

Selected topics in various international business management fields from a contemporary perspective. Current case studies will be used, so that students can apply all levels of their learning in this class.


 IBM 495 INTERNSHIP                                                                                                                               6 (0–18–9) credits

(Prerequisite: MG 312 and MG 409)

Provides an opportunity for students to apply knowledge learned to practical situations. Gain real world experience outside the classroom and adaptability to work in an organization


IS 335 ELECTRONIC COMMERCE                                                                                                        3 (2-2-5) credits

Principles and the use of internet technology in commercial transactions through electronic media.    Use of technology for competitive advantage, electronic payment, Transactions Act, security, simulation systems and development and application of e-commerce systems.


MK 211 CONSUMER BEHAVIOR                                                                                                           3(3-0-6) credits

(Prerequisite : MK 109)

Concepts of consumer behavior. To meet the needs of consumers in different cultures, factors that influence behavior and decision-making of consumers. The relationship between consumer behavior and the marketing mix. Business buying behavior and consumer protection.


MK 314 INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS                                                3(3-0-6) credits

(Prerequisite ; MK 109)

The role and importance of integrated marketing communications, application of tools and theory, methods to be used in communication. Ability to budget, do media planning, implementation, evaluation and conduct proper ethics in media.


MK 322 SERVICE MARKETING                                                                                                            3(3-0-6) credits

(Prerequisite: MK 109)

Theories and concepts for marketing in service industries. Classification of services, target groups and development of marketing policies. Marketing mix for services, service quality concepts, complaints, warranties, role of service provider and service market trends.


Free Elective Courses: Students are required to take at least six credit hours from among the courses offered in the International Programs.